Three Things That Make Content Marketing a Powerful Tool

Content Marketing

A robust content campaign can help brands connect with audiences and build organic brand awareness. But content marketing is so in demand not only because it can create trust with audiences, but specifically because it leads to results and conversions. In fact, according to Demand Metric, content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional advertising, but costs more than 60 percent less.

Here are a few other reasons why content marketing should be a priority for your marketing plans if it isn’t already.

  1. Content Marketing Lasts: As opposed to a traditional ad campaign that has specific start and stop dates, content marketing is the strategy that keeps on giving. Months after your paid campaign ends, your content can still be bringing in organic views and shares. What’s more, as platforms go in and out of style, you will still be able to cater and transform your content to suit any of the latest platforms that come into vogue. 
  2. Gens Y & Z Are Skeptics: Studies show that the Millennial generation (Gen Y) and up and coming Gen Z are way more skeptical of traditional advertising platforms. These new consumers are checking many sources before making their purchasing decision, but content marketing cuts right through that skepticism because it’s usually content that these groups are seeking out and wanting to consume. Instead of pressing the “Skip Ad” button, imagine consumers seeking out your content because it helps them solve a problem while entertaining them. They will associate that experience with your brand. Content marketing leverages the power of the soft sell as opposed to the hard sell.
  3. Insane ROI: Even though creating quality content is often more expensive than simple ad campaigns. What’s more, brands will not see immediate results as they would with a simple Google Ads campaign. But if you’re patient enough, a targeted content marketing campaign can pay dividends in the long run. When using content marketing to drive traffic to your site, you can calculate how much organic traffic your content is bringing to your site and compare it with how much it would cost for that same amount of traffic through an ad campaign, according to Scott Severson, writing for the Content Marketing Institute. Severson estimates that on average, companies break even on their content expense within nine months, with continued ROI up to three years later. Tell that to your CFO.

Content marketing takes a commitment and an understanding that you might not see results right away. This could be a barrier to entry in getting your company to commit resources to such a strategy. But with the right approach and by avoiding a few pitfalls (such as developing content for too wide an audience instead), content marketing can play a pivotal role in reaching modern audiences and ultimately more than pay for itself in the long run.

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