Top SEO Strategies for 2020 And Beyond


As a new decade approaches, search engine optimization (SEO) remains as important as it first did in the early 2000s when search engines like AskJeeves and Yahoo! were household names. These days it’s hard to think of a search engine other than Google, but marketers quickly realized the importance of SEO back then, and it’s more important now than ever as we prepare to enter the 2020s.

As targeted content continues to dominate the marketing landscape, and with no end to this trend in sight, marketers should ensure that there is a consistent marketing message across all platforms. By ensuring that you are running content on Facebook, Instagram, et al, that uses similar keyword phrases, in addition to any ad campaigns, brands can improve the chances that they are appearing in competitive positions on organic search results.

High quality original content can cost a lot of time and resources to create, and then in some cases only be relevant for a period of months. Brands should consider focusing on content that will stand the test of time; content that consumers will keep coming back to and search engines will keep indexing for years to come. Content such as educational resources, FAQs, and how-to guides are likely to require few changes over the years, but will keep attracting eyeballs and lead to improved SEO results.

Finally, in order to maximize SEO, brands need to be looking at technical factors such as page load times and consider using tools that allow marketers to make changes to sites without extensive development times. So-called “edge SEO” can help in these instances because it allows companies to implement SEO strategies quickly without having to undergo months of development. 

For example, by using edge SEO tools, sites can change content or move domains but retain their page rank by using 301 redirects. Where a domain change may have otherwise led to a loss in page rank, using a redirect can help maintain page rank while such changes are implemented.

In many ways it’s the same old story and a whole new world for SEO. Choosing the right keywords and associating it with quality content is as important as ever, but as search engine crawlers become more sophisticated, brands must evolve to meet the technical requirements or risk being left behind in search results. 
There’s nothing worse for marketers than being on the second page of Google, where less than 10 percent of people advance to, so don’t expect to stop hearing about SEO any time soon. What are some of your favorite SEO strategies for the 2020s?