When Does the Customer Journey End? Trick Question.


The customer clicks ‘purchase.’ Congratulations! You have just taken a prospective client through the customer journey from awareness to interest to desire and all the way to action. You’re living the marketing dream. Is it time to put your feet up and focus on the next prospect? Not quite. 

The modern marketer knows the customer journey doesn’t end with a purchase. In fact, once a lead turns into a client, a business’s marketing with that new customer should enter a much more personal phase where that new relationship is fostered and nurtured to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

A report by Qualtrics found that up to 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better brand experience. A post-purchase customer experience (post-purchase CX) is critical to that; creating long-lasting repeat customers and turning those same customers into your biggest advocates. These are three steps to sure-up your post-purchase CX.

Personalize – Once a lead becomes a customer, your CRM should recognize them as such and the tone of your communications should change. Customers who opt-in should be treated to newsletters and messages with copy personalized to the individual and their status as customers.

Give ‘Em The Tools – Other than personalized communications, transform the way your customers interact with your company. Give them the tools to manage their purchase by providing a post-purchase dashboard and/or app experience that allows them to troubleshoot and access additional resources.

Nail Down Returns – A study by ReadyCloud found that 66% of customers check the return policy before purchasing, and what’s more, 81% may be dissuaded by an inconvenient return policy. The most sophisticated marketing mix may yet be defeated by an ill-considered return policy. Design a customer-centric return policy that fosters brand goodwill and trust. 

The customer journey may not end after purchase, but it can end if businesses don’t nurture those new relationships. A thoughtful post-purchase CX can be the difference between a long-lasting customer relationship and a one-off purchase, so pay particular attention to it in your customer journey map.