How are brands pivoting their content strategies during this coronavirus pandemic?


With the new reality facing businesses and the world at large, brands have had to pivot their messaging, advertising and web content to meet the sudden new needs of consumers. The coronavirus crisis has forced marketers to respond when business is anything usual. 

With lockdowns in effect throughout the country, many brands are turning to cloud video chat platforms to record content such as podcasts and roundtables remotely. New podcast series have spring up completely dedicated to covering the pandemic, as have regular blogs and columns. 

From a visual perspective, brands are relying more on motion graphics, stock imagery and simple production like never before. When video or photo shoots can’t happen, but you still need to deliver your message to your customers, you have to work with what you have. 

Brands rushed out new advertising that specifically mention the crisis, or “hard” or “uncertain” times. This goes against the long-standing practice of keeping most advertising current-event agnostic, but is absolutely necessary in this moment.

The pandemic has further democratized content creation because the only tools anyone can use are the ones they have with them, and everyone has more time on their hands to create content. Workouts, cooking demonstrations and other instructional content designed to be done at home has flooded channels and may be a springboard to success for some of these new creators in a post-pandemic world.

Content strategies that have been in many cases planned for months must turn on a dime as the status quo has been upended like never before. Brands, marketers and content creators have been forced to respond like never before and many have stepped up to the plate to create new and engaging content in this new normal.