Three Lesser-Known KPIs to Measure Social Media Success

Social Media

When launching a social media marketing campaign, or any marketing campaign for that matter, setting goals and measuring performance is a critical phase of any marketing push. Any social media manager worth their salt knows the basic success indicators to watch out for are impressions, reach, and engagement.

But there are some lesser know key performance indicators that can help your team glean deeper meeting from your social marketing efforts. Let’s discuss a few. 

  1. Reach of Mentions – One thing is to know how many times your brand has been mentioned on social platforms. You can do this using the myriad of social listening tools available on the market. But to get a better understanding of how your audience mentions are affecting your brand awareness, consider Reach of Mentions, or the number of people who have seen your mentions. A mention from a follower with a significant community can be a multiplier effect for your reach, just make sure it’s a positive one.
  2. Sentiment Score – Hopefully all your mentions are positive ones, but even the best brands run afoul of their customers every once in a while. The best a brand can hope for is to have many more positive mentions than negative ones, but they must also have a plan of action for when consumers are less than pleased with a product, service, action or inaction. A sentiment score can help brands understand how they are faring in the minds of its community, and is the first line of defense in enacting a PR push to address any shortcomings.
  3. Brand Evangelists – Every brand works to reach a place where their customers become their biggest advocates. Brands like Apple and Nike count their own customers as their best advertisers. Count the number of followers you would consider brand loyalists or evangelists, and monitor the change over time to see if you are succeeding in creating the types of relationships that can lead to long-term advocacy.

Social media has come a long way since the first platforms started popping up in the early 2000s, but in many ways, the industry is still in its infancy and will likely grow in ways that are hard to predict. They have still managed to grow into powerful tools for brands to get the word out about their products or services, and by measuring the right metrics, your brand can be well on its way to taking better advantage of these powerful platforms.